is a place to ask, share and obtain practical information about reflexology: specific feet massage. Reflexology practitioners and all other people interested in Reflexology and its effects on helping physical symptoms and alleviating emotional issues like stress, insomnia, nonspecific pains and.., may benefit from this site. As time marches on, Reflexology and other types of body manipulations are becoming more academic, problem oriented and in demand to treat or help treating illnesses. This -in turn- can be done by sharing experience and get couched in managing various situations they encounter, like working with people who suffer from chronic diseases. Reflexologists and Massage practitioners are facing “lots of questions” for which, there is no time for people to ask from their medical doctors. It looks crucial for all these practitioners to have real-time access to healthcare practitioners who are expert in medical disorders to ask their general questions from and obtain generally related guidelines, while it is of greatest importance to mention that the first and the last person to be consulted is the clients/patients medical doctor/family physician.
With that said, It is necessary to declare that:
The information and guidelines presented in this site is by no means a substitute for people’s family physician’s prescription.
I call Reflexology “ The Science of Future.” In spite of the diversity, and numerous concepts and philosophies behind Reflexology around the world, Specific feet (and leg) massage or Reflexology is a widely trusted and popular method of enhancing the Sense of Wellbeing which is the primary step to empower human being, preventing form physical/emotional illnesses and help to relieve symptoms.

I have been working as a healthcare professional: MD, Certified Reflexologist and Holistic care practitioner consultant for more than 25 years. This valuable opportunity makes me very enthusiastic in this field. My passion is to communicate, communicate and find out the peoples’ most important and urgent needs in this field.
I believe in the magic power of self-healing in human-being. The fact that a human being needs courage and belief in him/her self. The role of a professional practitioner is to help clients reaching this goal.  
Working with hundreds of clients, including people living with chronic illnesses like anxiety, diabetes, depression, Multiple Sclerosis(MS), chronic insomnia.., has shown me how empowering the sense of well-being can improve their quality of life. Your family physician is the first person you should talk to seek real-time urgent medical needs. However, you are aware that Prevention is ahead of treatment and it may be achieved by paying attention to your body and soul before out breaking illnesses and symptoms.

Masoud Jamshidian, MD, Holistic Health Practitioner, Reflexologist