Knowing Reflexes

The word “Reflexology” may refer to Any healthcare practice that is based on using reflexes: Producing reaction in a part of the body or mental feeling, by stimulating another part of the body, to produce pleasant, healing reactions in the whole or part of the body/mind.
Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Music therapy, Acupressure… are all among methods that employ reflexes to affect the body in a desirable way: Help alleviating symptoms/Improve the sense of Well being, which is complete individual sense.

Who heals?

In Reflexology

like other natural health care methods, the client decides and takes the responsibility to get well. Feet Reflexology is a healing method of easing the pain, improving relaxation/quality of sleep…by stimulating particular pressure points on the feet, but Who is the main healer? The reflexologist’s vital responsibility is to find out which reflex promotes the client’s sense of well-being, which is the first and most critical tool to initiate healing in the client.

Reflexology/Specific feet massage: An ancient method to meet Today`s needs

To heal your body, you’ve got to choose it! However, before taking the first step towards it, you need to believe you are capable of healing yourself. If you doubt yourself, you’ll limit the extent of your healing to what you consciously or subconsciously think is possible.

Reflexology: A very harmless, oriented, and focused feet(&leg) message to bring about tremendous health benefits: Reducing Stress and Pain, and enhancing an Individualized sense of Well-being to promote Self-healing

Until today, No specific reason or mechanism has been introduced to explain the magic effects of reflexology.

No matter what is/are the reason(s), don’t wait for trying it! Consult with your medical doctor and start to search for a knowledgeable reflexologist!