Good Blood Pressure

As you probably discussed it with your doctor, Hypertension is a complicated and multifactorial disease which does not easily contribute to any specific factor. Some scientists believed that hypertension or high blood pressure is a result of our stationary lifestyle. It was not right! Because there was not a significant reduction in the prevalence of hypertension following running a more physically active lifestyle. They found that high blood pressure is very much related to the stress level. You can be physically active but still stressed about being more active! To decrease your cholesterol level, thinking of why not being as physically active as you planned for in

Yes, we need to get to the root cause of today’s illnesses: Isn’t it “Not being happy and satisfied with our life” ? and having 24hours rush a day! And…

One important and very much in demand healing modality that may help reverse the whole process mentioned above is Reflexology. Working on specific spots on feet and legs may provide you with an unlimited sense of well-being which is called as “The first step of self-healing.” We believe that we Can heal ourselves. It’s very harmless and worth it to try as soon as possible.

According to some researchers, it’s recommended to do it once a week for four to five weeks, and then evaluate yourself to see how it worked for you. Remember that the sense of a well beginning is very much individualized for everyone; you’ll feel that not only you are more able to tackle your symptoms/problems, but also to improve your mental, spiritual and physical health. It opens new horizons to your life you might not be aware of before.

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