Reflexology, The Science of Future

By Masoud Jamshidian, MD, Holistic Health, Reflexologist

Everybody Seeking for a little more happiness!

Chronic ailments, like Diabetes, Anxiety, Insomnia, High Blood Pressure.. are Unwanted results of our so-called “Modern lifestyle.” There is no unique contributing factor for the outbreaking of these disorders, and the medical term: ” idiopathic” is mostly used for describing these disorders: we do not know why they appear!”
Thousands of dollars are spent annually by people and the government to control these disorders, mostly by innovating new drugs and sophisticated medical devices. At the same time, these illnesses are multifactorial, and overcoming them needs a comprehensive approach. That is why our modern medicine has not been that successful in eradicating them.

Conventional Medicine, An astonishing achievement which saved millions of peoples’ life

With that said, any holistic approach, which means considering the human being as a whole with non-separable physical/mental/spiritual features and thereby healing human by putting more value on all those aspects, is the only way to get rid of these disorders and a cumbersome burden of their adverse and debilitating diseases.
Reflexology is at least 5000 thousand-year-old method of working on feet to heal the body and soul. It is among the safest and most desirable practices that attract more and more symptom-free people and sick patients of any age to try and benefit from it. This has made Reflexology a fascinating and active field of natural healing and the so-called modern medicine.

It seems crucial to mention that Reflexology or Reflex therapy should not remind people of just working on feet, ears, or hands. Any stimulus which can run a healing effect and experience is supposed to be considered as Reflex therapy. We all know about the healing effects of praying/meditation, music, dance, gemstones, colors…but the thing is how to use them in an appropriate place, time and intensity. It needs a big brainstorm that we -human beings- have to initiate all around the world.

Calling for a worldwide Brainstorm

On the other hand, the sense of well-being is exceptionally individual: all cultural, emotional, religious.. aspects can affect well-being even at different times! So it will be different around the world and in different nations with different histories and loves and fears.

What may make us – all of us- stronger!

It seems logical to put our minds together- all health providers around the world, with humility- try to find some common healing reflexes, practices, methods, and styles of living that can help the human being to improve their health status, maintain it in difficult situations, and improve it when it is in danger and on the decline. With this regard, all national, individual, and specific cultural values, and as we discussed before, methods should be highly respected and valued.
According to WHO,
Health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
As we see, health proving may include employing any method that any human being around the world can define as healing, as long as it increases vitality, improves human abilities, and helps to flourish people`s talents that results in enjoy the higher state of physical, mental and spiritual life.